Overview Edit

In the Cottian Alps, there used to be a Western and an Eastern variant of the GTA. After few years, the Eastern variant (or at least its northern half) was basically given up, in order to concentrate forces on keeping at least one trail alive.

In consequence, the Eastern trail is probably no longer marked between val Pellice and Val Susa, and there are several legs without accomodation. Going that part of this trail is said to be a real adventure; it is only possible with a tent; and it requires pathfinder skills. The southern legs between Pellice and Maira valley seem to be in a better state.

Leg by leg description Edit

From Celle di Macra to Pagliero Edit

From Celle di Macra (1270 m) crossing the Maira main valley to Pagliero (1015 m, municipality S. Daminiano). This is leg 1 of Percorso Occitani. 6h, reverse 6h30' [Bätzing leg 68]. Map IGC 7.

Posto Tappa: Da Jolanda 0171 917080.

From Pagliero to Rore Edit

From Pagliero (1015 m, in Valle Maira) over Colle Birrone (1700 m) to Rore (885 m, in Valle Varaita). 5h, reverse 5h15' [Bätzing leg 67]. Map IGC 7 and 6.

Posto Tappa: Ristorante Albergo Amici 0175 977119 open all year, closed on Thursday

From Rore to S Sisto Edit

From Rore (885 m, in Valle Varaita) to S. Sisto (1170 m, in Valle Gilba). 4h30', reverse 4h [Bätzing leg 66]. Map IGC 6.

Posto Tappa: Osteria S.Sisto 0175 689014

From S Sisto to Crissolo Edit

From S. Sisto (1170 m, in Valle Gilba) over Colle Gilba (1477 m) to Crissolo (1400 m, in Valle Po). 9h in either direction [Bätzing leg 65]. Map IGC 6.

There seems to be an intermediate posto tappa in the little ski ressort of Pian Munè, try 0175.945.900 or 0175.942.06.

From Crissolo to Torre Pellice Edit

[Bätzing legs 63 and 64]. Map IGC 6.

Possible breaks at

  • Rifugio Valanza
  • Rora