Most hikers only go fractions of the GTA at once. Therefore, entry and exit points with public transport are needed. This is not really difficult because there are public bus services in all inhabited valleys. Unfortunately, there is not yet a unified internet service that provides time tables and connections; the private bus companies seem to be run in rather uncoordinated ways. Therefore, generally it easier to get out of a remote valley than to get into it.

The easiest entry points are those that can be reached by train:

  • All towns on the Ligurian coast
  • Gerassio and Ormea in Val Tanaro in walking distance of the official start of the GTA
  • Susa and other stops in the Susa valley on the train line Chambery - tunnel de Fréjus - Torino
  • Quincinetto in the Dora Baltea valley that connects Piedmont and Val d'Aoste